Thursday, December 15, 2005

From a fairway near you..... well, perhaps the rough

My first post is just a copy of my profile intro....

I've spent many years in the networking and computer industry, almost exclusively working for enterprises (financial services, manufacturing). This blog is the result of my vanity... I have this false impression of being smarter than the average bear on several topics and want to see if I can express these ideas... to see if others agree or can improve them, as well as establishing who else dislikes me (get in the back of the line, its been forming for years now - pack a lunch).

My fear is that I may be unsuccessful in feeding my ego as a result of a mediocre talent for writing. I am confronting that fear now. Your feedback is welcome, even the bad stuff (if you enjoy being ignored).

Many of these posting are extremely latent - thoughts I've had in my head for years and never publically posted. They will become more timely as I get the old ones off my chest. Also - don't expect lots of updates. This is a hobby, I have a real life (much to your surprise :-) and will only update as the mood or current events strike me.


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